1957: Company foundation by Josef Riegler – born in 03.02.1922 Purchase of the first tractor Warchalowski (WT14) with a cable winch

1. Traktor 1957

1. License: Transport of wood from the forest to fixed forest road

selbstaufbaut 001

1965: Acquisition of an Unimag (MB Type 403) with single axis supporter and HAIB loading crane 1970: Purchase of the first truck – Mercedes (Typ 1924) with the first fully hydraulically loading crance

zweittransporter 001  hydraulikaufbaut 001

1974: Acquisition of the second truck – Volvo (F88 4×2)

ersttransporter 001

1996: Purchase of the first blanket truck – Steyrer (19S39)

planentransporter 001

Ongoing licence enhancements – extended from the commercially transport of goods with 25 trucks in the transborder long distance traffic, wood & building material trade as well as earthworks

planentransporter2 001

2005: Firm modification to a GmbH with CEO and 100% shareholder Rudolf Riegler and the issue of a procuration to his wife Kristine Riegler